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Burdemo´s Ranch (FCA Nº 25514, registered on 09-18-06) is a family kennel exclusively dedicated to Dogue de Bordeaux breeding.

We are located in the city of Mercedes, vecinity, around 100 km from the nation's capital city, Buenos Aires. Our facilities count with 50 hectares of open fields where our dogs can grow and play freely.

We have always loved dogs, but they began to overwhelm us once we met this breed, if we may, the best in the world. As so, on the first days of year 2004 we got our first DDB, and our story began.

We think our dogs as our pets. This is how we raise them and love them. They are an important part of our family, and give us their love asking for nothing in return. No heart  can be found as loyal, friendly and noble as that of a Dogue de Bordeaux.

In the way, we have met wonderful people, who have let us share their experience and learn from it. Because of this and much more, we would like to thank those who are our friends today: Eduardo, Juan José, Pancho, our vet Dr. Matías Sclocco, and all of us who with a lot of effort are a part of the Club Argentino del Dogo de Burdeos.

All our dedication and work would never be possible without the unconditional support from my parents.

We hope we are able to give back with a surplus all what we recieve from the Dogue de Bordeaux every day. This is our great desire and mission in breeding.

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